Meet your new uncle…

I haven’t dedicated an entire post to one blogger, and don’t know if I’ll ever do this again, but I just want to introduce the few of you who don’t already know Uncle Beefy… His real name may be Bradford, but his blogging alter ego “Uncle Beefy” always makes me smile, so I have to call him by that.

His blog, The Bedlam of Beefy, is personal, stylish, warm, and always witty. This may sound a bit sappy, and even though I don’t know the sound of his voice, or what he looks like, he’s one of the wonderful fellow bloggers that I’ve come to know as a real friend. (And his comments on our blog often cause me to laugh out loud!) May this serve as your formal introduction.

Some of my favorite posts…

{read it here}

{read it here}

3 thoughts on “Meet your new uncle…

  1. Hurrah for Beefy! He’s one of my favorite bloggers as well; I just adore his wit and endless charm. That post on vintage suits was spectacular.

  2. Aw shucks, Miss Melissa! This here blogger is blushing! (And thanks to you too, Carrie S.!) Thanks so much for the compliments and support :) You know I love me some Ruby, so this is a serious honor! ”

    Now enough about me…let’s talk about you…what do you think of me?” ;)

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