I remember going to the Fiorucci store in NYC when I was a teenager (in the 80’s) and wish there was something like it today… They’ve been trying to revive the brand but sadly, nothing is like the old Fiorucci. (I think I bought jewelry from Marisol when I was there- she was the one who created Madonna’s rubber bracelets.) Do you have Fiorucci memories??

Some posters from the old days:

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  1. My Fiorucci memories are from the 90’s – spent many hours browsing everything at the shop in Milan. I first discovered the delights of Agent Provocateur there! Also stocked up on vintage style pin-up-girl water transfer decals which I still have. It was so FUN!

  2. So cool!! I bet the store in Milan was amazing… What would you say is the closest thing to Fiorucci today? The way the Marc by Marc stores carry all those fun cheap accessories and books reminds me a bit of Fiorucci…

  3. I wasn’t around for the original store but I remember when they opened the huge store years ago in soho. I got a pair of patchwork leather pants (all neutral colors) and I swear someday I’ll wear them again. what was I thinking??!!

  4. That’s hilarious Karen!! ;) I have a big stack of leather pants (pink, ornage, metallic, you name it!) that I keep thinking I’ll wear again someday…hehe…we’ll see!

  5. Hi!

    I work at ELLE magazine and I need to order a lookbook for Fiorucci’s Spring-Summer ’09 collection. The website has no contact information and seems to only be abroad. Is there a store in New York?


  6. i’m from italy and fiorucci was my passion when i was six until i was twentyfour!
    i remember the fiorucci ‘s fever in the 70’s in the 80’s and after at the end of the elio fiorucci first company.
    fiorucci is a part of my life!

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