And the awards go to…

Okay, since we were tagged by Crosby at PR Couture, I am now bestowing the Brillante Weblog Award to the following seven blogs (in random order) that I just can’t be without:

Coco+Kelley- Cassandra from Coco+Kelly always picks gorgeous things to write about whether it be an amazing hotel in Spain or a beautiful evening dress.

In(side) the Loop- Courtney may be a Texas girl, but we have so much in common…we both worked in the fashion industry in NYC, plus we both love food trucks, shoes, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

oh joy!- This was the blog that started it all for me…Thank you Joy for introducing me to the fabulous world of blogs! If you aren’t reading this blog, you should be.

a cup of jo- Joanna always finds little tidbits that you want to share with your friends, whether it be funny, quirky, chic or all three. There’s a reason her blog is so popular!

The Bedlam of Beefy- Bradford, or as we affectionately call him, “Uncle Beefy”, has created a blog that’s personal, witty, and stylish. Love him and his blog. You will too.

{frolic!}- Chelsea from frolic has a great sense of style and always comes up with great posts that make me wish I’d written them. And she’s a doll.

This is Glamorous- The name really says it all. Gorgeous blog for home decor and style in general. Always beautiful.

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10 thoughts on “And the awards go to…

  1. I AM SO FLATTERED!!!! You are one of my top favs, so this is so exciting!! Next time I’m in the city for longer than 30 hours :)…I’m calling you up!

  2. Such a lovely Thursday morning surprise — thanks so much, Melissa! {So glad to have come across your blog — always love checking in here to see what fantastic thing you’ve uncovered.}

  3. oh, THANK YOU!!! i’m in such good company i might start blushing! you’ve listed some of my absolute favorites on here, and of course (as i mentioned yesterday) yours is included! merci :)

  4. First off…I’d like to thank the Academy….what the foshizzle?!! I guess it’s a good thing I just got my housecoat back from the dry cleaners and set m’hair last night! Oh, look at me I’m a mess…I can’t accept this right now! Well, oh my…look at all those people…oh, hello…oh, thank you…yes…THANK YOU!

    I’ll graciously accept with a gleeful smile :) Hee, hee! I couldn’t be more flattered. Really, Melissa! And I know we all feel that way…REALLY! It’s an honor to be honored by your honor! Honestly! :)

    You know this looks less like an awards roster than a party in the making! Now this, I think we can all agree, would likely be one fantastic evening if we do say so ourselves ;)

    Thanks for the props, Melissa! Right back atcha…seriously. mwah!

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