Circus Freak

That’s me- I am the circus freak. I love carnivals, circuses, all of it. The music, the cotton candy, the carnies… I simply must have this new Taschen Circus book, but it’s so large I seriously don’t know where I’d put it!

5 thoughts on “Circus Freak

  1. Just thought i’d let you know that i love you blog :) I’ve just recently found it and am truly inspired! In relation to this post, however, have you ever seen the ‘Cirque Du Soleil’?? If you haven’t you absolutely must! It’s all about the most amazing costumes and makeup, amazing story lines, and by far the most amazing shows i’ve ever seen! The talent is unreal!

  2. BTW, they finally created a version of this book that is more manageable (it will actually fit -at least sideways- on a bookshelf). Got it for Christmas and it’s AMAZING.

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