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Oh wow- what a surprise to wake up this AM to find a detail from our wedding on Darcy Miller’s Idea of the Day blog and our wedding featured on the Martha Stewart Weddings website!  It’s perfect timing really, as Sam and I are celebrating our belated 5 year anniversary later this week.  {More on that later…}


8 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Weddings

  1. Wow, Melissa, that’s beautiful. congrats! I just was reading along and when it went trying to go to the page after the invitations, I got error messages. Errr…I want to read the rest! Lynn

  2. OM’goodness…SO lovely! Looks like it was a great balance between elegant but relaxed. Like you, me thinks? Love the favor boxes!

    Congrats…all the way around! Happy Anniversary, Kids! :)

  3. okay, got the rest. So beautiful! I don’t remember Melissa…was this a Martha Stewart wedding or your own planning? It is absolutely amazing!

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Thanks guys! I planned it all myself, but the Martha Stewart girls did help with the place cards towards the end as I haven’t finished those yet. Their stylists were AMAZING- and they were there the day of the wedding to make sure everything went off without a hitch so I didn’t have to manage the event while being at my own wedding. We were SO lucky- I couldn’t believe it.

  5. I have been a fan of Martha Stewart Weddings publication/website since the debut, and a admirer of Ruby Press for about a year, so seeing the combination of both was such a pleasure! As a bridal consultant, and writer for a local bridal magazine, may I just say that your wedding looked truly enchanting, Melissa ! Happy Anniversary! ( And many more:)

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