Animals and wallpaper

I’m LOVING Catherine Ledner’s animal prints! She has everything from house cats to armadillos shot against the chicest wallpapers. Check out the entire gallery here. Which one is your favorite?? My heart belongs to the bulldog.




{Dying to check out her book Glamour Dogs!! Spotted it here of course!}

8 thoughts on “Animals and wallpaper

  1. Yes! Aren’t these fun? I ♥ the bulldog as well, but the donkey is pretty cute against the pink. Definitely looking forward to the new book + thanks for the link :)

  2. I have looked at all of the animals 5 times and I can’t seem to find a favorite. Here are a few that made the running, Beaver 1, Dachshund, Pig laying down, Lion, Flamingo……
    I guess they are all great.
    I look forward to her new book.

  3. Ah gorgeous….so cute too.

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  4. Oh my gosh! I was scrolling down on the webpage and saw the wallpaper in the bulldog shot and I was like- this is so familiar- and then it hit me! My grandmother just gave me a bunch of her vintage coats and one of them has virtually the same design as that wallpaper- except it’s got a bright aqua blue background instead of white. Love that wallpaper!

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