The Bedlam of Birthdays

So, I am thrilled to say I finally met the fabulous Uncle Beefy this past weekend, and he was just as charming, witty and warm as I knew he would be.  He was celebrating his 40th birthday in my favorite wine country town, St. Helena, with his friends and Bradford {I couldn’t call him Uncle Beefy in casual conversation, just too weird!} was generous enough to let me join them for the afternoon.  {And if you haven’t seen his friends’ Georgina and Jon’s to-die-for St. Helena home, you should check it out here.}

Here’s to Uncle Beefy!!  xx


{image via The Bedlam of Beefy, orginally from Martha Stewart}

3 thoughts on “The Bedlam of Birthdays

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! If I lived closer (3000 miles is a touch too far) I totally would have crashed that birthday. I loves me some Uncle Beefy!

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