Lonny love!!!

Remember the feeling you got when your new issue of Domino came in the mail?  And remember that feeling after you read it through, page by page, and thought ‘this is the best issue ever!’?  Well get ready, because you’re about to get that feeling back.  This 150+ page online magazine from our very own Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline went live this morning and will leave you in a state of total design bliss.  Congrats to the pair and their talented contributors!!!  xxRuby Press


{image, of course, from Lonny}

13 thoughts on “Lonny love!!!

  1. La la LOVE it! I am so excited, I was scanning it late last night until my eyes insisted on closing.

    I may be missing it, but is there an option to print the entire thing (rather than just the page you’re currently on)?

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  3. i just love it too!!!! SO needed!!!

    ps- i’m crazy over your blog & just love coming here for a dose of pretty style. thanks!!

    lauren @ pure style home

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