Put on your dancing shoes and join the party!

The Twitter party, that is!  I have been urging my friends and clients to join us on Twitter- it’s really like a fun cocktail party where you can chat with friends and make new ones!  Drop by whenever you like, see pretty things, have a laugh, and wake up the next morning without a nasty hangover!  Today I reached an even 1,000 followers on Twitter and I am truly honored and tickled that you {my Twitter friends} have joined me! If you haven’t yet, find me here.


red shoes

{image from here}

3 thoughts on “Put on your dancing shoes and join the party!

  1. melissa i so love your blog, always filled with beautiful images, insights and stories. love these loubies, they are so pretty. although im not on twitter as much lately, i am a follower of your tweets. stay sweet. ttyl

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