Pal + Smith

Melissa and Marc Palazzo of Pal + Smith have a 1950’s ranch home that epitomizes the California cool style I’m constantly chasing after. Everything feels so fresh-from the mismatch dining room chairs to the oversize aqua lamps and that beast of a bed frame-yet it’s completely livable (at least I think!). See the rest of the house here. Total genius.

{Images from here}

13 thoughts on “Pal + Smith

  1. Angela – I can always tell when a blog post is yours before I scroll down to see who wrote it… you and colorful interior design go so well together!

  2. Love the turquoise floor lamps and that green/grey/cream rug [from rug company] is to die for! What a wonderful home…..agreed, it is genius!

  3. WOW! AMAZING HOME! can i move in. i just love it. love the pop of colors, like the yellow and turquoise and pop of pink from the flowers. also loving the black and white photos in the dining room and bedroom.

    thanks for sharing.

  4. hi angela…

    i wonder how you were able to capture these images from Pal and Smith’s site…i am not that computer literate when it comes to this kinda stuff. i am not sure how to copy or retrieve image url for blog posting purposes, do you think you can help? i would appreciate it. thanks so much.

  5. Marc and Melissa have fabulous style in both their inspiring studio and their home. They are also super fun and I enjoyed seeing their home in person last Oct. Fab!

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