I must apologize…

for the lack of fashion show coverage this season here on the blog.  We’ve been delightfully busy here in the office and I must admit, I haven’t been very inspired by the shows overall.  Now that Paris Fashion Week is over, I’m sure we’ll backtrack and find some looks we can’t help but share, but I’m afraid it’s that same feeling I got when I was an editor.  Sometimes it’s just that kind of season that “makes me crazy” {that’s good} or one that makes it feel more like a job.


{shot from the Dolce & Gabbana finale, image from Style.com}

4 thoughts on “I must apologize…

  1. Dolce and Prada do it for me… must be that romantic socks-with-pumps thing (which men never “get”, but I love!)

  2. I have to agree! though the chloe collection had me at hello and its not just because its the name of my sweet little pup

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