Cartier and America at the Legion of Honor

If you live anywhere near San Francisco and haven’t been to this Legion of Honor exhibit {which celebrates Cartier’s 100 years in the states} yet, you still have until Mother’s Day to see what we at Ruby Press considered to be an overwhelmingly breathtaking display of Cartier jewelry from the Belle Epoque through the 1970’s.

{Tip: When you go, make sure you don’t miss the adjacent rooms which house the design sketches of the jewelry on paper- which were almost as stunning as the pieces themselves!}

Some of my favorites included the Duchess of Winsdor’s bib necklace, which would look so modern even today! {This is necklace and the designer’s sketch, which I fell in love with as well.}

Grace Kelly’s jewelry, which included the necklace you see in this photo and her spectacular 10.47 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring…

And this carved emerald and diamond brooch belonging to Marjorie Merriweather Post, as seen in this painting.

8 thoughts on “Cartier and America at the Legion of Honor

  1. Ditto the drooool! My only regret is that I went to the exhibit 3 hours before it closed and was rushed out by security – you need an entire day to ogle the goods!

  2. .earlier tonight I had been drafting a post for my own blog which includes a photo of Grace Kelly_ just now i stumbled upon this through a comment left on a wedding site ::) too funny!!! she’s everywhere… it’s no wonder! BEAUTIFUL!!!! breath.taking.

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