Oh, Driver?

Stick a fork in me. I’m done. Between watching Melissa’s adorable baby bump grow week by week and having an amazing baby lifestyle client, I just can’t help but notice… (okay, fawn) over some of the baby apparel and accessories that are out there. Especially when they have have a sense of irony. These metallic driving mocs are so cute I’d wear them on my fingers!

{Images from here}

6 thoughts on “Oh, Driver?

  1. These are AMAZING. Is it bad I want a baby this very moment if only for those shoes??? I suppose I ought to focus on our wedding first…sigh. Melissa must snatch up a pair for her future little one’s footsies!

    XX Katie

  2. Oh goodness – I’m a sucker for anything baby. I absolutely love these shoes! I think the husband would kill me if I bought them now for our future, unconceived children. Sigh…


  3. I might add that the RikShaw Design bedding is adorable. It kinda makes me want to have another kid…

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