Erica & Abrahm

Our dear friend Erica {you know her from The 2 Bandits!} and her sweet husband Abe got married on Valentine’s Day in San Miguel De Allende at historic villa Casa Chorro.  Erica went with a theme of gray, tangerine orange, French linen, wood and succulents….and isn’t it the most gorgeous wedding??

If you want to see more, their photographer Stephanie Williams {love her work!} has a great selection of shots posted on her site!

12 thoughts on “Erica & Abrahm

  1. wow that wedding looks absolutly amazing!! i love the invitations! and the orange shoes! so beautiful! thanks again for another great post!

  2. I gasped with joy when I scrolled down to the orange shoes and orange argyle socks! (You have no idea how badly I wanted to type all of that in all caps!)

    I LOVE the whole shebang! Are they looking to adopt? ;)

    Hope you’re doing well, Miss Melissa! :)

  3. That dress… oh dear, it is just wonderful! I constantly kick myself for not having a similar one at my own wedding!


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