Book Keepers

I was roaming the busy streets of downtown San Francisco this past Saturday and I decided to slow it down and take a stroll though the San Francisco Public Library. It got me thinking about all of the incredible libraries around the world- their breathtaking design, astonishing architecture and of course- their amazing assortment of books. I wanted to share some photographs of my most favorite libraries I have discovered in my travels.  Simply magnificent!   {Top to Bottom: George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland, National Library of Ireland in Dublin, Wren Library at Trinity College in Cambridge, England }

{images found here}

8 thoughts on “Book Keepers

  1. I found your blog extremely interesting. Lovely
    post, writing and images together. I wish those libraries in Israel …
    I will continue to follow (:

  2. i loove libraries. the downtown los angeles one is beautiful also.
    such a dying art :(
    hanging out at the library that is! lol
    i used to spend so much time there.
    i actually just started a little summer reading list on my blog if you want to check it out.

    but there’s nothing better than a gorgeously designed library filled with the smell of old books. *sigh*
    happy friday!

  3. I’m so glad you posted this! Loved the Cambridge library too, although I haven’t been to the other two — the one in Maryland looks stunning, so many rows of books too!

  4. We think alike! I can’t seem to get these images out of my head since I posted last week. I’d love to take an epic vacation + visit them all!

    Bon weekend à vous tous!

  5. I am a really big fan of the robin’s egg blue on the walls of the 2nd photo. It’s jarring in a really wonderful way.

  6. Hi all! Thanks for giving my post so much love, it is greatly appreciated!!! Lola- isn’t that Curious Expeditions website amazing?! I felt so inspired by the images too! Thanks again to all of you! Have a beautiful day!


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