My Week with Marilyn

Have you heard about the new Marilyn Monroe movie starring Michelle Williams? I have to say, I’m very curious to see if she pulls it off!

Set in the summer of 1956, the movie is based off of a set assistant Colin Clark’s account of an idyllic week spent introducing the actress to jolly London and making her forget the circus of Hollywood.

I’ll definitely be watching! Will you?

{Image from here}

6 thoughts on “My Week with Marilyn

  1. No I haven’t! I love Michelle Williams, but don’t think of her as Marylin at all- but she’s so so talented I think I’ll be delightfully surprised! Def. keeping this one on the radar now! xx

  2. I like Michelle, love Marilyn…but Michelle as Marilyn? Hmmmmmm….But I do want to see it. Kind of surprising it’s take so long for a movie to be made about her.

  3. I disagree. I think here makeup and clothes look like Marilyn. I think she looks like Michelle Williams. There is an intensity in Marylin photos that I don’t feel here. Even her innocent photos were incredibly sexy. I find this particular photo flat in comparison to Marylin photo shoots. But maybe she’s still getting a handle on the character.

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