Sammy’s First Birthday

Sammy’s first birthday party was a fun {and sugar!} filled afternoon- I made the Magnolia vanilla birthday cake as well as strawberry and chocolate cupcakes and cotton candy, and served up circus peanuts, Cracker Jack, animal crackers, Mexican coke in bottles and milk for the kiddies {strawberry or chocolate!}. Oh, and our adorable 6 year old neighbor made homemade snow cones to order. ¬†Phew! ¬†Happy birthday sweet Sammy!!

{Invitation from here, clown cake-toppers from here, Sammy birthday head cupcake-toppers from here, custom dotted garland from here, mason jar drinking glasses from our client Acme Party Box, and shot by the fabulous Kristen Loken!}

26 thoughts on “Sammy’s First Birthday

  1. OMG, this is the CUTEST birthday ever! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you Melissa, but oh my, Sammy is one lucky boy! The invites, cupcakes with his pic, everything is soooo cute! Love it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY!

  2. I love it all! The mason jars with strawberry milk, the cotton candy, animal crackers and the fabulous Sammy head cupcakes! What an inspiration! Move over Martha Stewart!!!

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  4. oh my goodness, this is the cutest party ever! these pictures are so sweet – the cupcake toppers are my favorite! xo

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Jennifer, the funny thing is that I have had that tablecloth for years- I pulled it out of the cabinet and couldn’t believe how perfect it was for the party! I think I originally bought it at Napa Valley Vintage Home in St. Helena, CA. They may actually still carry it. ;)

  6. Oh I love that store! I’ll have to check it out – thanks!! And, Happy Birthday to your little lad :)

  7. Wow! One year already?!?! Crazy how time flies, Miss Melissa. Looks like all y’all had a lovely time and sorry that I’m so belated in my lil’ birthday wishes for Sam. :)

    Hope all is well with you! Miss ya’!

  8. Everything deffinatly looks homemade..couldn’t you afford to get a more professional looking party?? Just saying….
    you should have the money to make it look not so thrift storish.

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  10. hi there! i know this is a year late, but do you remember where you got the multicolored circle garland hanging near the chandelier? I would like to do something similar for my son’s birthday.

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