Phil’s Sliders

Hands down, the best part of working in downtown Berkeley is the abundance of delicious food. Some days, it’s hard to choose between a crispy fish taco at Cancun, a slice of pizza at Cheeseboard, or huge piece of tomato and olive focaccia at PIQ. We have a new favorite though, and it’s Phil’s Sliders. Their juicy burgers and crispy tater tots are mouthwatering, but my favorite is definitely their milkshakes. In addition to standard vanilla and chocolate, they have a rotating lineup that includes salted caramel, toasted marshmallow, and cookies-n-cream. If you can’t make it to Phil’s (or you just have a craving for a toasted marshmallow shake), try Joy the Baker’s recipe! (I think I’m making one tonight!)

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6 thoughts on “Phil’s Sliders

  1. I can’t have this cos I’m veggie :( but if you find a recipe for the salted caramel, let me know? Cos that one sounds goooood!

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