Peralta Junction

My favorite part of living in the Bay Area is that there are constantly new things popping up. Needless to say, when I heard about the pop-up carnival that recently occupied a once-abandoned lot in West Oakland, I was dying to go.  Inspired by depression-era traveling circuses, the carnival featured works by local artists and lots of yummy treats, courtesy of a rotation of Bay Area food trucks -an urban amusement park brought to life each weekend in October and November.

Unfortunately the carnival has been cancelled for this coming weekend (its final) due to anticipated stormy weather, so I won’t get the chance to go. If it comes around next year, I’ll be first in line!


{Image by jessicasoupgarou}

5 thoughts on “Peralta Junction

  1. Thanks Jaleesa for that info. I had no idea about this carnival, I’ll be sure to keep my ears to the ground for the arrival of it next year.

    Good job by the way!

  2. “A Pop – Up Carnival in West Oakland?” Sounds like something good to talk about. Thanks for sharing the good news popping up in Oakland.

  3. Although, I’m too young to know what old world fun is, I assume that a Pop-Up Carnival was “poppin the most” ( my old school slang). No songs like “Freaky Tales” from Oakland native Too Short being played at this event.

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