What They’re Into…with Anne Sage

I am so pleased to introduce my friend Anne Sage {the woman behind of the wildly popular blog, The City Sage and one of the founders of Rue magazine} for the next installment of What They’re Into. Anne is one of those rare people who is crazy successful but doesn’t let it go to her head.  She’s whip smart, has a dry sense of humor, is generous and loyal…my kind of gal.  Read below for a glimpse into what Anne is into, right NOW.

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What is the last thing you bought that you shouldn’t have?

I just bought my first ever new car (!) so right now anything other than rent and groceries falls into the category of ‘shouldn’t have’! But the last thing I bought that I’m legitimately excited about are skincare goodies from new-to-me line Acure Organics. Both the Brightening Facial Scrub and the Cell Stimulating Mask smell amazing, left my face glowing, and were comparable to products on which I’ve spent five times as much.

What are your favorite places to shop, online and off?

Offline I can’t resist Individual Medley in LA—their mix for men, women, and home is so spot-on! In San Francisco I never miss a chance to stop into mira mira for undiscovered international labels before they hit the big time. And when in New York, you’ll find me at Bird splurging on Isabel Marant dresses, Alexander Wang bags, and Acne jeans.

Online I adore Mille (formerly Shop Pretty Mommy) for unexpected fashion finds, Cisthene for out-of-this-world jewelry, Baba Souk for tablewares and decor you won’t see anywhere else, and Huckberry for man-tastic basics that satisfy my inner tomboy.

favorite shopping mille


If you had a theme song, what would it be?

My theme song for life is ‘As Cool As I Am‘ by Dar Williams. The tune is upbeat and catchy; the lyrics are so incredibly smart; it is the song I listen to when I want to reinforce an already good mood, the song I sing to lift myself up when I’m feeling down. Every time I hear it I take a little something different away, yet at its core it represents staying true to yourself in the midst of chaos. My favorite lines? “As long as she’s got noise, she’s fine. But I could teach her how I learned to dance when the music’s ended.”

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

Without question, my favorite room in my home is my bedroom. It’s a delicate balance of girly and earthy, mostly neutral and textural in its decor with a touch of pattern and color for interest. In other words, it represents me perfectly, and after a long day of work it’s exactly the retreat I need!

favorite room

What is your favorite scent?

My favorite scent of all time is the smell of my grandmother’s concrete patio when evening rain falls after a hot afternoon. It transports me back to my childhood: to bike rides and tea parties and summers that seemed like they’d never end.

But since it’s impossible to bottle that scent, I’ll take Violet/Leather fragrance from OLO as my second choice. It’s musky and masculine, with just enough of a lusty floral element to keep it from becoming a cologne. It makes me feel like a modern sexpot version of Katherine Hepburn.

 favorite scent

What inspires you?

Whether I’m reading old books, sorting through vintage snapshots, or taking an antiques road trip, I’m a huge history nerd and draw massive inspiration from the past.  We often assume that life is vastly different now than it was for previous generations; however, our wants and needs, emotions and impulses haven’t changed. There’s so much to learn from looking at how our ancestors approached the challenges and milestones they encountered, then letting our imagination soar from there!

history nerd

What’s one luxury you can’t live without?

I’ve been making a point to rotate fresh flowers throughout the house on a weekly basis. They’ve become such a necessary luxury that now I notice their absence when I don’t have them. Sometimes I arrange a grand bouquet of peonies from Trader Joe’s, or sometimes I pluck a single rose from the yard. It matters less what the flowers are and more that they bring color and life into my space. I highly recommend this habit!

Images: Photo of Anne is from The Why We Love Photography, and all others are from instagram.com/citysage.

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  1. The world would be much better if we could bottle up the smell of concrete after a summer storm. Love this! Can’t wait to spend hours exploring The City Sage.

  2. I’ve never considered fresh flowers to be a luxury… But I guess they kind of are right? At least it depends on where you live.:) I love the smell of rain falling on a scorched concrete too… Great post, babe!

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