Because it’s a day centered around food, family, and happiness (and the beginning of a tasty season), Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. While part of me loves the familiarity and tradition that comes with having well-loved favorites every year, I want to introduce some new things into the mix this time. I can’t wait to make Samin Nosrat’s fried sage salsa and sausage and prune stuffing, and I found lots of great ideas from this PopSugar Home post. (Those rosemary pecans!!) These mashed potatoes with goat cheese and caramelized onions sound so good that I want to make an extra batch to make sure I’ll have enough leftovers, and I’m bringing back this lemon-thyme-gin sparkler from last year. Are you trying anything new this year that you’re excited about?

thanksgiving(image by Elizabeth Messina)

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