Convert Travel Event this Saturday!

If you’re in the East Bay this weekend, come join us at Convert Saturday, May 18th from 1-4! One of our favorite people, the super cool Katie Cornell (who also happens to be the Events Editor at Via Magazine and What’s In Store Editor at will be hosting. We can’t wait to sip cocktails with her and find the perfect eco-friendly outfit! And while I don’t have any vacations booked yet, but I can definitely pretend with one of these!

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The Skimm

Have you heard of The Skimm?? It’s basically your super witty/incredibly informed best friend telling you what you need to know about the top news stories every morning, complete with all the dirt like background issues and “The Why” it’s important. I look forward to it everyday (it’s helped so much in cutting down my morning intake-) and love how funny, bright and concise it is. Definitely one of my new favorite reads!

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Definitely not another bill…

While on Design Love Fest the other day, I saw this amazing monthly gift box subscription service that I just am going crazy over. It’s called Not Another Bill, and it’s so chic and beautifully curated- Past surprises include a Merchant & Mills sewing kit, Falcon Enamelware, Prospector Co perfumes and an adorable Victor Stuart Graham toy sailboat. Send as a gift, subscribe for yourself, or just shop the past gifts shop! LOVE! (Great find, Bri!!)



Growing up living next door to my Japanese grandmother, ramen was a staple in my childhood diet. So you can imagine my excitement as I’ve seen the ramen craze catch on {with a bunch of great ramen houses popping up in the bay area!}. Earlier this week I finally stopped by Ramen Shop in Oakland, and somewhere between the jams {90’s hip hop} and the spicy miso broth, I fell in love. Can’t wait to go back! Do you have a favorite spot you care to share??

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Annie Kevans

I’ve come across Annie Kevans‘ work on and off throughout the years, but recently saw a few new pieces pinned on Pinterest and was reminded of how much I love her work. The thick, easy strokes of her brush and the lovely touches of red and pink create the perfect balance of  suggestion and detail. Her portraits are so beautiful- I can’t get enough!

anniekevans anniekevans2


{Art by Annie Kevans}