Kumquat season!

I took a trip to visit my grandmother over the weekend, and came home with bags of kumquats from her tree. After trying two methods of candied kumquats and making a batch of kumquat gin, I still have pounds of fruit left and more ideas for how to use it. This Bon Appetit Instagram is right up my alley, and this marmalade with vanilla bean and cardamom sounds delicious too. And I think I’ll try to substitute kumquats for the clementines in this roast chicken recipe from Jerusalem. Do you have any favorite kumquat recipes?


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This is Oakland

For the past 10 months, I have been working on a book in my free time with a friend- the fabulous Kristen Loken- about this awesome (and often misunderstood) city that I live and work in- Oakland, CA. It’s called This is Oakland: A Guide to the City’s Most Interesting Places and it’s a stylish, visually-driven, guide/travel book about the city…but it’s more than that really.  We are profiling the most innovative, interesting businesses around the city, as well as the people that make this city so vibrant.  Oakland has been called “The New Brooklyn” time and time again, and there’s a reason behind it.  I feel like the country is looking our way to see what’s happening and I hope this book will offer readers an insider’s view of the city.

We are still working on the book, which we are self-publishing, and just launched the Kickstarter campaign! Won’t you please come check it out- and spread the word to your friends?  With Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing and we have less than a month to reach our goals.  Thanks so much!  xx

tio cover


Just got back from a lovely trip to Michigan! My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to be there during the first snow, though unfortunately, we were completely unprepared for how cold it was! We stayed with friends who live in a beautiful modern house in the country just outside Brighton, but made sure to spend plenty of time in Ann Arbor. They took us around to all their favorite spots: Mani Osteria (a newly opened, but already very popular restaurant with pizza as good as the Bay Area), the Jolly Pumpkin (world-renowned brewery with wild, “living” beers) and the Raven’s Club (a super cool bar where our friend makes the most amazing cocktails). Below are a few pictures from the Raven’s Club-

raven1 raven2 raven3

Cozy nights

Sure, it gets dark outside around 5 PM, but I think these shorter days aren’t all bad!  After all, they mean more time for yummy cocktails, a roaring fireplace, baking, and holiday festivities.  I am dying to make this gingersnap cocktail from PopSugar, read the new Mast Brothers cookbook and start decorating for Christmas!!

Drink-Gingersnap-Cocktailbook Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 11.16.23 PM{Images from PopSugar, Mast Brothers, and Terrain}

Clementine Daily

Big congrats to Erin, Anne, Elizabeth, Joanna, Hilary,  Julia and Amanda on the launch of Clementine Daily! The site is beautiful and we can’t wait to see what you talented ladies have in store!!


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Crumb Shoppe

I fancy myself a baker…I love baking cookies, cakes and pies almost as much as I love scarfing them down afterwards.  But as a business owner and mom of an almost-three year old, time to bake either happens at 11:30 PM or sadly not at all.  Enter Crumb Shoppe on Zaarly: a locally based cookie dough bakery that will ship scrumptious rolls of cookie dough right to my door.  Now I can go to bed before 1 AM and still get to snack on the dough, smell the cookies baking, and savor warm, just-out-of-the-oven cookies.  Heaven.

Crumb Cookies

Oaktown Spice Shop

Have you been to Oaktown Spice Shop? I’m dying to check it out and pick up some their Montreal Steak and Chop (a Food52 favorite!).  I can’t believe I still haven’t made it in- but I did hear they’ll be at Kitchener’s One Year Anniversary Pop-Up Market next Thursday and I’m thinking between the ‘saucy strawberry mini pies’ and the Argentine empanadas, I’ll definitely have to make that trip!

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Uptown Oakland is quickly becoming a destination for hamburger aficionados.

Luka’s makes a hell of a burger, my family adores Trueburger {OMG, the garlic mayo they put on their burgers is out of this world!!}, Kate is a fan of Oakland newbie Umami Burger {toppings include parmesan crisps, shiitake mushrooms and Hatch green chiles}, and now Kronner Burger is moving into the ‘hood.  {Kronner Burger describes their burgers simply as “Rare. Salty.” Yum.}
Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 12.16.45 AM{image from here}


Slicer Opening this September!

This September, my incredibly talented friend Colin Etezadi is opening his first restaurant, Slicer Pizzeria, in Oakland! Colin’s a vet of Bay Area pizza greats {Pizzaiolo, Gioia, and Boot + Shoe Service} and has cooked for me and my girlfriends for my birthday a couple years ago. I can say first hand he’s got what it takes and we’re so excited over here for his new adventure! Congrats, Colin!

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