Goodbye…for now!

Hello friends!  We’re sorry to say that for now we must take a hiatus from the Ruby Press blog.  We started this blog back in 2008 and it has been instrumental in the meeting of many dear friends and making of many wonderful connections.  We still love blogging- don’t get us wrong!- but we are just so busy with our agency work and in the small amount of free time I have as a business owner and mother, I have been working on (and self-publishing) a book, which is due out this June.  Needless to say, my free time for blogging is now non-existent.  I truly believe that if you can’t give 100% to something, you shouldn’t do it, so for now, we will take a break.

To our loyal readers and contributors…thank you!!

xxMelissa and the Ruby Press staff

neon heart

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Just got back from a lovely trip to Michigan! My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to be there during the first snow, though unfortunately, we were completely unprepared for how cold it was! We stayed with friends who live in a beautiful modern house in the country just outside Brighton, but made sure to spend plenty of time in Ann Arbor. They took us around to all their favorite spots: Mani Osteria (a newly opened, but already very popular restaurant with pizza as good as the Bay Area), the Jolly Pumpkin (world-renowned brewery with wild, “living” beers) and the Raven’s Club (a super cool bar where our friend makes the most amazing cocktails). Below are a few pictures from the Raven’s Club-

raven1 raven2 raven3

Paper to Petal

My friend Rebecca Thuss and her equally talented husband Patrick Farrell {together they make up the photography/design duo THUSS + FARRELL} are releasing a new book tomorrow called Paper to Petal, 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand, and it could not be more inspiring!

Each tutorial is clearly and beautifully photographed and the steps are easy to follow…which makes even the most intricate paper flower feel a little less daunting.  I’m in  love with the simple “cheerleader” flowers and the slightly more complicated “Smiley’s mobile”.  With Castle in the Air nearby, which was also a favorite resource of Rebecca’s when creating the flowers in the book, what excuse do I have for NOT making these at home??

If you like supporting small, independant businesses, like I know you do, buy the book at Berkeley’s Castle in the Air when it releases tomorrow.  {Yes, they will ship it to you!}  And to hold you over until then, here’s a fun little video!

cheerleader flowers



Thin Mints

Sadly, there’s a lack of Girl Scouts in my neighborhoods, which has meant a few Thin Mint-free years for me. Little did I know that all that’s standing between me and an ice-cold, after-dinner minty treat are three ingredients: Oreos, semisweet chocolate, and mint extract. (Thank you for changing my world, Top With Cinnamon!) I only worry that now that I know how easy it is to whip some up, I won’t be able to ration them into disciplined three-cookie servings. (Did you know February 8th was National Girl Scout Cookie Day?!)


Natural Fragrances

I love natural fragrance {who wants to soak up chemicals through their skin?}, but I find it hard to find scents that really resonate with me.  Here are a few that I love, love, love:

I just ordered a sample of Osmia Organics‘ Juniper Fire and WOW!  They describe it as “stepping outside our house on a breathlessly cold, blue-sky, colorado day with a fire burning in the fireplace”  which I think is spot-on. Rustic, sexy, invigorating.  I love almost all of the Lurk perfumes- especially TBP V1, a floral with black pepper.  MCMC‘s Maine is a combination of rose, clary sage, seaweed, salt and pine and my husband wears their Dude No. 1 beard oil.  And of course I can’t forget to mention Olo‘s Cedar and Rose, which Kate and I both wear on a regular basis.  It’s bohemian and earthy without “hippy”.  NOTE: Olo also makes a hair tonic {oil} with the same scent, which we pick up at Atomic Garden, which we borderline worship.  Three drops added to the ends of our long hair make it smell divine, moisturize, and give it a lived-in look.

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 10.52.43 AM{photo by Dave Cameron}


Oakland, here we come!

We have exciting news- Ruby Press will be packing up and moving our office to downtown Oakland and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Yes, it will be a shorter commute for us all {I have lived in Oakland for the past ten years}, and we’ll have insanely delicious options for food {we’ll be just a few blocks from both Uptown and Old Oakland}, and will get to work in the beautifully restored Historic Central Building,…but I think I’m most excited about recreating our office in our top floor space.  We move at the beginning of March and we’ll keep you up to date!  Have a great weekend, friends!  xx