A boy and his dogs

There are so many good Instagram accounts out there, but this one just melts my heart. It follows a  little boy named Julian and his two Newfoundland best friends, Max and puppy Bruce. Julian’s dad is in the navy and travels a lot, so Julian’s mom uses Instagram to share what’s going on with the family back in Washington- how cute is that?? We think Julian’s in good hands with these two by his side! What are some of your favorite accounts to follow?



image from here.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I can’t help but love Wes Anderson’s movies (this scene makes me laugh every time) and I am very excited for his next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, to release next year. I only wish it was coming out for Christmas – seeing this in the theaters and having a peppermint ice cream sundae after sounds like the perfect December evening!


A Trip Back In Time

I’m a bit captivated by all things vintage, so when I came across this video of a trip on a Berkeley trolley from, get this, 1906, I knew I had to share! It was filmed just a month after the notorious San Francisco Earthquake, at the beginning of a mass migration out of the city to escape the quake’s aftermath. If you look closely at the image below, you can see a man walking right in the middle of the train tracks. The drama that ensues from this event shows that, even back then, Berkeley was a place where people weren’t afraid to do things a little bit differently. We’ll miss you Berkeley. Only three more days until we move!




Mr. Selfridge

Oh, I am counting the days until this new British import hits the states {on March 31st}.  The show is called Mr. Selfridge and Jeremy Piven plays the title character, Gordon “Harry” Selfridge, who revolutionized the shopping experience through his creation of the famous British department store, Selfridges.  Credited with the sayings “Only XX shopping days until Christmas” and “The customer is always right!”, and the first to introduce a ‘beauty hall’ and soda fountain within a store, he was a true retail pioneer.

If you’re like me, and you love learning about the history of retailing, do a little reading up here…and learn about his loves and tragic end.  Other suggested reading: this book, this book, this book and this book that inspired the series.



{Selfridges window display from the twenties from here}


Have you been to First Friday {the Oakland Art Murmur} in downtown Oakland? Every first Friday of the month from 6-9 pm, twenty-one Oakland art galleries host a free art walk with a curated selection of local artists.

At the last one, I stopped by jewelry and art gallery, Crown-Nine in the Popuphood of Old Oakland. Kate Ellen teaches weekend jewelry making classes where she teaches students to make molds, hammer and stamp jewelry- right up my alley!  And how cute is this video of Kate working on her line?  It makes me miss my design school days…

{Images from here}

Oh Land

Did you know Oh Land is coming to San Francisco? She’ll be at the Independent on April 9th and I cannot wait to see her. Poppy, electro and super theatrical…love her!  Oh, and did you know that she’s from Copenhagen {those Scandinavian good looks!} and was a former student of the Royal Danish Ballet and the Royal Swedish Ballet?