Annie Kevans

I’ve come across Annie Kevans‘ work on and off throughout the years, but recently saw a few new pieces pinned on Pinterest and was reminded of how much I love her work. The thick, easy strokes of her brush and the lovely touches of red and pink create the perfect balance of  suggestion and detail. Her portraits are so beautiful- I can’t get enough!

anniekevans anniekevans2


{Art by Annie Kevans}

Peralta Junction

My favorite part of living in the Bay Area is that there are constantly new things popping up. Needless to say, when I heard about the pop-up carnival that recently occupied a once-abandoned lot in West Oakland, I was dying to go.  Inspired by depression-era traveling circuses, the carnival featured works by local artists and lots of yummy treats, courtesy of a rotation of Bay Area food trucks -an urban amusement park brought to life each weekend in October and November.

Unfortunately the carnival has been cancelled for this coming weekend (its final) due to anticipated stormy weather, so I won’t get the chance to go. If it comes around next year, I’ll be first in line!


{Image by jessicasoupgarou}

Cake fancy

I’ve been admiring these cake paintings by Paul Ferney. The talented Jordan Ferney art directed an exhibit of the paintings and of course made it fun, sweet, and engaging. Party streamers were strung on the tops of the paintings with little cake phrases displayed beneath each one, confetti was sprinkled in the corners of the room, and of course, home made cakes were baked and eaten. Fun!

{Thank you Joy for blogging about the art show! Images from here.}


Nothing pleases me more than discovering something in my neighborhood that I never knew existed! Enter Fernseed-sort of a hybrid of an antique shop, thrift store and art gallery all in one, headed up by a group of earth conscious artists.

They salvage items that are headed to the dumps and either sell them as is, refurbish them or transform them into another piece all together. Last time I spotted a massive, hanging fixture made from hula hoops and vintage fabric-pretty impressive.

Picture 9

{Image from here}