Slicer Opening this September!

This September, my incredibly talented friend Colin Etezadi is opening his first restaurant, Slicer Pizzeria, in Oakland! Colin’s a vet of Bay Area pizza greats {Pizzaiolo, Gioia, and Boot + Shoe Service} and has cooked for me and my girlfriends for my birthday a couple years ago. I can say first hand he’s got what it takes and we’re so excited over here for his new adventure! Congrats, Colin!

KQD_WKA_MAR26-{image from here}


Join us Tomorrow at Convert with Maia McDonald!

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating all that’s Made in California from 2 – 5 pm at Convert on Fourth Street Berkeley with Maia McDonald! We love Maia and her amazing taste (she’s the Creative Director of Rue Magazine, blogger behind Design Conundrum, one of the world’s top Pinners) and can’t wait to sip cocktails and shop her curated selection of California goods. Hope to see you there!

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A Trip Back In Time

I’m a bit captivated by all things vintage, so when I came across this video of a trip on a Berkeley trolley from, get this, 1906, I knew I had to share! It was filmed just a month after the notorious San Francisco Earthquake, at the beginning of a mass migration out of the city to escape the quake’s aftermath. If you look closely at the image below, you can see a man walking right in the middle of the train tracks. The drama that ensues from this event shows that, even back then, Berkeley was a place where people weren’t afraid to do things a little bit differently. We’ll miss you Berkeley. Only three more days until we move!




Summers in Oakland

In the Bay Area, we revel in our extended summers- warm weather often reaches far into September and I have already been taking full advantage! After work, I love to head to a restaurant with outside seating and just enjoy the sun setting on the Oakland skyline. {Love Lake Chalet where you can sit out on the dock below!} With all the new, cool restaurants and hangouts in Oakland there is much to love about living here. I know I’m still dying to try this, this– Oh, and this!

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Citrus in September

Wow, I cannot believe it is already September, how the time does fly… I feel as though we will be experiencing an Indian summer here in the SF Bay Area- as this past weekend’s weather was so warm and summery.

I found this recipe for homemade orange soda and it sounds delectable!  Check it out here.  Perfect for ‘summer’!

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