Floral “Wallpaper”

Today is the last day with our fabulous intern Iris!  Thank you for everything Iris- we will miss you!!  xxM

Her last post:

With Labor Day ahead and a big empty room to myself  {I just moved into a new house!}, what better way to spend the long weekend than  decorating  ‘ma boudoir’? Swedish design group Front, is really inspiring me to get crafty with some faux flowers {although theirs might be real!} and tape. Isn’t the result stunning? You’ll never want to leave your room…

{Images from here}

Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

There is something very exhilarating  about flying a kite. Ever since attending the world famous Berkeley Kite Festival a few weeks ago at the Marina, I’ve been meaning to go back and enjoy what is left of this Bay Area summer. Problem is, I don’t have a proper kite! Fortunately, Anthropologie offers this whimsical DIY Box Kite kit which would not only be fun to fly, but fun to design as well. Glitter paint? Yes, please!

Just make sure you hold on tight!

Beautiful Braids

I have been quite obsessed with braids as of late. French braids, fishtail braids, Dutch braids, you name it- I’ve braided it, or at least I’ve attempted to! { I am not the most skilled hair styling professional- I’ll admit, I never learned how to French braid, how sad is that!?}  For all of you other braid-challenged folks who’d like a tip or two, check them out here.

Special thanks to SallyJaneVintage.blogspot.com for the images and inspiration! Blissful braiding to all!

{image from here}