Because it’s a day centered around food, family, and happiness (and the beginning of a tasty season), Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. While part of me loves the familiarity and tradition that comes with having well-loved favorites every year, I want to introduce some new things into the mix this time. I can’t wait to make Samin Nosrat’s fried sage salsa and sausage and prune stuffing, and I found lots of great ideas from this PopSugar Home post. (Those rosemary pecans!!) These mashed potatoes with goat cheese and caramelized onions sound so good that I want to make an extra batch to make sure I’ll have enough leftovers, and I’m bringing back this lemon-thyme-gin sparkler from last year. Are you trying anything new this year that you’re excited about?

thanksgiving(image by Elizabeth Messina)

Clementine Daily

Big congrats to Erin, Anne, Elizabeth, Joanna, Hilary,  Julia and Amanda on the launch of Clementine Daily! The site is beautiful and we can’t wait to see what you talented ladies have in store!!


{Image from here}

Peralta Junction

My favorite part of living in the Bay Area is that there are constantly new things popping up. Needless to say, when I heard about the pop-up carnival that recently occupied a once-abandoned lot in West Oakland, I was dying to go.  Inspired by depression-era traveling circuses, the carnival featured works by local artists and lots of yummy treats, courtesy of a rotation of Bay Area food trucks -an urban amusement park brought to life each weekend in October and November.

Unfortunately the carnival has been cancelled for this coming weekend (its final) due to anticipated stormy weather, so I won’t get the chance to go. If it comes around next year, I’ll be first in line!


{Image by jessicasoupgarou}

Dandelion Chocolate

While waiting for a piece of the best toast ever at The Mill here in San Francisco, I spotted {and treated myself to} a few bars of Dandelion Chocolate. Yum!  I was thrilled when I found out the bean-to-bar chocolate makers are opening their first retail space in the Mission next week. Housed in the same former garage as Craftsman and Wolves and Abbot’s Cellar, the retail space will open a cafe side later this year, serving hot chocolate, coffee, and chocolate pastries.

If you aren’t in the Bay Area or don’t feel like spending three hours in this enticing food mecca, you can also order a few bars directly from Dandelion here.

{image by Molly DeCoudreaux}

Flour + Water in the field!

Last year, I went to an Outstanding in the Field dinner and the experience definitely ranks as one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. This year, Flour + Water’s chef Thomas McNaughton is preparing dinner at Devils Gulch Ranch {the same beautiful farm I visited last May!} on May 27. Eating McNaughton’s handmade pastas in a vineyard in picturesque Marin County sounds like the most perfect night I can imagine. Tickets for the 2012 lineup of Outstanding in the Field dinners go on sale March 20 – get yours fast; they sell out like hot cakes!

{image from here}

Dip Day!

Monday, November 21 was the first annual Dip Day at Ruby Press – we had a smorgasbord of delicious dips, ranging from queso to cannellini bean to 7-layer to spinach-bacon-blue cheese. (I brought this lemon feta dip from Sweet Paul – yum!) It was the perfect way to kick-off Thanksgiving week!

It was so much fun that we’re already planning a Pie Day for December! Anyone have any favorite pie recipes we should try?

{image from Sweet Paul}

Sous Style: The Imperfect Perfect

Pippa Lord, ELLE’S Photo Director, is intelligent, talented, and beautiful – but she isn’t perfect… and that’s fine by her- and us! Sous Style, Lord’s recently launched site is a testament to her strive for the “imperfect perfect“. Dedicated to a “New Generation of Homemakers”, Sous Style is a chic destination for women who are passionate about home, food, and style, but don’t necessarily fit the traditional “homemaker” role. Rather than demanding homemaking perfection, Lord and her team embrace the imperfections and flaws in life and encourage their readers to do the same.  Love it.

{image from  here}