F.S.C. Barber

While the Ruby Press blog is generally filled with lovely things the ladies can appreciate, I thought I’d post something that might appeal to our gent readers as well (are you out there?)

F.S.C. Barber opened recently on 18th & Valencia in San Francisco’s Mission District and I thought I’d tag along with my friend to watch the magic happen. Not only do they specialize in fresh, meticulous haircuts that turn boys into gentlemen (my friend’s haircut took over an hour!) but their shop also houses an amazing setup, complete with antique barber chairs, a shoe shining station, and a fine array of grooming products. If you’re a lady and feeling just a tad jealous, fear not: they do women’s haircuts too (provided they are short)!























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Pal + Smith

Melissa and Marc Palazzo of Pal + Smith have a 1950’s ranch home that epitomizes the California cool style I’m constantly chasing after. Everything feels so fresh-from the mismatch dining room chairs to the oversize aqua lamps and that beast of a bed frame-yet it’s completely livable (at least I think!). See the rest of the house here. Total genius.

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Gary Spain

House Beautiful described San Francisco-based designer Gary Spain’s esthetic as a collision between a junk yard and a Parisian apartment. Intriguing, yes?? Well, his digital portfolio doesn’t disappoint! His knack for mixing bold patterns and color with taxidermy, antiques, and quirky accessories makes his rooms feel fresh and sophisticated-but not too serious. Love that!

Gary Spain bedroom

Gary Spain hallway

gary spain room

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Found in San Francisco

Stylish SF interior designers Caitlin Moran and Tyler Dawson own the most charming shop called Found, a sort of chic design halfway house for ”rediscovered objects”.  They scour the city {and beyond} for that perfect umbrella stand or buffet so you don’t have to.  And leave your shopping guilt at the door- after all, these covetable finds are vintage, a.k.a. recycled and reused.

Click here to see what’s in store now- and sign up for updates on their website and don’t miss a thing.


Flavor Paper

Even though I’m an art student, I honestly dislike painting. For some odd reason, I have no control over the course my paint brush takes. So if I had to ever pick and choose to wallpaper or paint my room, it would definitely be wallpapering. Plus, who could ever say no these funky, modern designs from Flavor Paper! I would have to say my favorite is the Mustachio in Limon!



Mustachio in Limon

Ziggy in Tangerine

{satisfy your interior candy hunger by going to their website, here}