Vita Wellness

In need of a total body recharge?  We love Berkeley, CA -based Vita Wellness juices and smoothies. Their customized juice packages are delivered to your door by 8am, and are refreshing, delicious, and made with organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. {I could guzzle the pineapple/green apple/lime/mint combo all day, every day!}

Founder and holistic nutrition consultant Melissa Rousseau will work with you to identify your goals, and create a program to address your individual needs. Her mix of green juices, lemon and ginger, raw cacoa tea with dates and vanilla, chia seed tea, and heavenly pineapple blend left me feeling much more energized than usual. If you’re not in Berkeley, Melissa posts tips and recipes on her site – I’m trying the Beet + Apple Refresher this week!