Convert Travel Event this Saturday!

If you’re in the East Bay this weekend, come join us at Convert Saturday, May 18th from 1-4! One of our favorite people, the super cool Katie Cornell (who also happens to be the Events Editor at Via Magazine and What’s In Store Editor at will be hosting. We can’t wait to sip cocktails with her and find the perfect eco-friendly outfit! And while I don’t have any vacations booked yet, but I can definitely pretend with one of these!

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If you’re like me, when you’re creating something, the time just flies!  This past weekend, I took a class at Castle in the Air, along with Becca, Erica, Maia, Angela, Katie, and Angela and learned how to make my own pajaki- a gorgeous paper chandelier of sorts!  John McRae, our charming and talented instructor, led the way, and I have to say, the 11-6 class just flew by!  Now which class to take next??  {And, perhaps more importantly, where to hang my pajaki??}