The Mad Men Effect

I admit that I’m hooked- I actually look forward to the end of my weekends now! I realized how bad it was when my DVR mistakenly recorded Rubicon instead of this week’s episode.┬áLuckily, Mad Men fanatics like myself can get their 1960’s fix through other outlets as well… like Natasha Vargas-Cooper’s new book, inspired by her blog dedicated to dissecting references from the show. Even Maidenform is hip to the craze- Mad Men’s costume designer referenced Maidenform’s ‘I Dreamed I’ campaign in her style book and is now working on promoting the brand. Brilliant!

{Image from here}

I dreamed I was…

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this amazing blog that features an incredible collection of vintage advertising, magazine covers, and postcards. After scrolling through the beautiful images for an extended period of time (it’s addicting!), I fell in love with this vintage Maidenform advertisement.