Louis Chairs

We are finally ready to part with our pale blue Louis chairs here in the Ruby Press office.  Ever since Cassandra featured our office almost 4 years ago, we have had so many inquiries about them.  {I bought them from- get this!!- Pottery Barn Teen- a million years ago!}  I will sell them locally on craigslist this week- but if you want them and live nearby, let me know!  {Blog readers get first dibs!}

RubyPress2011-1026 RubyPress2011-1080

The mobile egg

I could be into a little egg home… at least for an extended weekend. The architectural appeal isn’t lost on me, but the kid in me just appreciates the novelty. Belgium architectural firm dmvA built it as a mobile office that could be used as an extension of the house, but it could serve as a guest room or a garden house too. Aside from having many, glossy white cubby spaces for storage, it also features a bathroom, kitchen, lighting and a bed. My favorite part though is that the tip of the egg opens automatically to serve as a shaded porch.

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