I feel like every week that goes by I read about a new place in Portland that I want to go to – there’s the Waffle Window {spicy bacon cheddar jalapeno waffle – you will be mine}, Woodsman Tavern, Beam & Anchor…the list seems to go on and on! It’s also the home of Olo, a fragrance line with the best-smelling hair oil of all time, which also earns it some points. Do you guys have any spots I should see when I eventually make my way up there? Let us know!

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Chelsea, I love you for introducing me to the most charming shop Marguerite, but kind of hate you, because it’s in Portland and I have no idea when I will ever get there!!  {Just kidding about the hate part.}  You’ll find this shop in the Sellwood neighborhood, but sadly ladies, you will not find it online.  (It’s at 1520 SE Bybee Blvd, 503.234.7202.}  Each season has a theme and summer is ‘Eastern Seashore’.  Thank you owner Daisy Phillips for creating such a beautiful gem of a store- next, won’t you come to the Bay Area?

{all images by Chelsea Fuss at Frolic}

Dirty Mittens

A couple of weeks ago, I flew to Portland to attend a family wedding. Luckily, I had one night to sneak off to Someday Lounge to listen to my friend Chelsea and her band, Dirty Mittens, perform. It was my first time listening to them, and I was totally blown away by their performance! Their songs are fun and poppy but have enough complexity to keep you interested. Needless to say, the album is making it’s rounds on the office ipod! Preview their songs here.